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The story is as follows: For your application to to obtain access to the Groundspeak LiveAPI, you will need to obtain a secret key and a public key. With them your application can authenticate and obtain an user key and your app will be able to do the magic like downloading PocketQueries, searching for caches near a set of coordinates and log a find.

Why don't I request a key from Groundspeak? Since ever I started with Geocaching, I have seen this text on

Thanks for your interest in the Geocaching public API. At the current time, we are no longer accepting new requests for API access. If you already use our API, don't worry, we will continue to support the API for existing partners and you will still be able to help one another in the API Forum.

I've asked various people at Groundspeak, but nobody was willing to make an exception for me. So I looked around on the Internet and found three different keys which I could use to develop the app. Whenever I authenticated it showed "Foo Bar by Quux Inc would like to access your public profile." and everything worked fine.

If I would distribute Geocube with the keys I have, the original owners of these keys would get in trouble. And I most likely would spoil my chances with Groundspeak to obtain official access to the LiveAPI.

On multiple occasions Groundspeak has said that the partner project would be resumed in the future, so I keep waiting for that.