How do I upload GPX files to Geocube?

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There are several ways:

Via iTunes

  • Open iTunes.
  • Select the iPhone at the top left.
  • Select Apps on the left hand menu.
  • Scroll down to File Sharing.
  • Select Geocube from the left column.
  • Drag and drop the GPX file into the Geocube Documents window.
  • When you start Geocube, they will show up in the Files section.

Via AirDrop

  • Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled.
  • On the Mac open the AirDrop favourite in a Finder window.
  • Wait for the iPhone to show up.
  • Drag and drop the GPX file onto the iPhone.
  • Wait for the file to show up on the iPhone, where Geocube will accept it.
  • You can find the uploaded file in the Files section.

Via iCloud

  • In the Files section, select Import via iCloud from the local menu.
  • From your iCloud drive, select the file you want to download.
  • When downloaded the file will be available Files section.

Via Dropbox / Google Drive / Microsoft OneDrive etc

You can select these options via the iCloud interface.

Via email

  • Receive an email with the GPX or ZIP file as an attachment.
  • Open it in Geocube.
  • You can find the the attachment in the Files section.