How does this Dynamic Maps work?

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Dynamic Maps is a feature which automatically zooms in and out on a map depending on your speed. If you walk, the area shown is zoomed in more, if you drive, the are shown is zoomed out more.

The configuration depends on three measure points of a speed and a size. The default values are:

Activity Speed range Minimum distance shown Maximum distance shown
Walking 0 to 7 km/h 100 meters 100 meters
Cycling 7 to 40 km/h 100 meters 1 kilometer
Driving 40 to 120 km/h 1 kilometer 5 kilometers

Different speeds give different map size.

To select the Dynamic Maps option, select this icon:

Follow me, Dynamic Maps is enabled.

This works great when you are driving over a long stretch with few waypoints hidden, it doesn't work great when you are driving in a city with lot of waypoits hidden, so YMMV.