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Geocube has currently two localizations: English and Dutch, both done according to my best skills. However, it might be that you don't like the "Favourites" and want "Favorites". You can of course volunteer to translate the about thousands lines and make your translation, but you can also have a look through default translations (Source) and see if there are lines you want to change.

  • Create the file Personalize.strings.
  • Add the adjusted strings. You can use /* */ and // for comments. You can have empty lines. Note the <space><equal-sign><space> in the middle and the <semi-colon> at the end.
   "waypointlogviewcontroller-Favourite Point" = "Favorite Point";
   "filtersviewcontroller-Favourites" = "Favourites";
   "filterfavouritestableviewcell-Favourites: %@" = "Favourites: %@";
   "filterfavouritestableviewcell-Favourites: Anything" = "Favorites: Anything";
   "filterfavouritestableviewcell-Favourites: At least 0" = "Favorites: At least 0";
   "filterfavouritestableviewcell-Favourites: At least %@" = "Favorites: At least %@";
   "filterfavouritestableviewcell-Favourites: At most %@" = "Favorites: At most %@";
   "filterfavouritestableviewcell-Favourites: Between %@ and %@" = "Favorites: Between %@ and %@";
  • Upload it to Geocube
   * Via iCloud, Dropbox, etc
   * Via iTunes (Drop the file Personalize.strings into Geocube in the File Sharing section)
  • Restart Geocube (Press the home button twice, swipe up, start Geocube)