Sometimes Geocaching Australia gives special icons, sometimes virtuals

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Yes, that is a known issue. The story is as follows:

The GCA waypoints have multiple types which are not specified in the GPX format, for example movables, trigpoints, history caches etc. So if you download the GPX file from the GCA website and import that, you will get the standard virtual cache icon and the waypoint icon.

If you download the data via the GCA API via the refresh a waypoint option in the Waypoint overview, if you Load Waypoints in a map, or if you download an GCA query, the format from GCA returns the the GCA specific icons.

Note: If the GCA API doesn't return a valid file in the Queries menu, you will be offered to download a GPX file instead. This means you will lose the specific icons. If this happens then split your query over two or more queries, based on a begin date and an end date, and you will be able to download them in via the queries.