Use your own Groundspeak key

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Make a text file calledfoo.geocube. In it copy the below text, fill in the OAuth keys and save the file. You can email it to yourself and opening the attachment on the iPhone and then import it into Geocube. Or you can upload it via AirDrop. Or you can download it via iCloud, Dropbox or any other ways. You can find file in the Files section and from there import that file. Restart the application and then you are able to access the Groundspeak account.

<sites version="1" revision="mine">
        <site id="2" site="Groundspeak LiveAPI" revision="3" enabled="YES">



Where to find these keys?

You can find them in unencrypted versions of Geosphere or in iCaching. The format of the keys is described as in the template.

What if I can't find them?

Groundspeak is in charge of which applications can access their LiveAPI. As the author of Geocube I don't have official access for this application, as such I'm not able to provide the keys for this.