Adding localities to imported waypoints (suburbs, cities etc)

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Geocube supports the API of the OpenCage Geocoder project. This is not enabled by default, you will need to obtain a key from the project yourself which gives you 2500 queries per day.

  • Go to the OpenCage Data project website at
  • Register under "Sign Up".
  • Once you have received your key, enter it in the Settings menu: Settings-OpenCage.png
  • When you next download a query, load waypoints in the map or refresh a waypoint, the locality will be obtained too.
  • Keep in mind that the limit is 1 request per second, so the retrieval of this data will be slow. It might take some time for this data to be populated. Keep also in mind that there is a daily limit of 2500 per day so if you import a large bunch you might end up hitting this.