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Another geocaching application?

For a long long time, Geosphere was the best iOS based geocaching application. However, it was not maintained, it was falling apart more and more by each iOS upgrade.

Geocube is my successor for Geosphere. It will use a similar way to present the various aspects of the game for geocaching. It will have more features than Geosphere, like OpenStreetMap based maps and tracking of historical data. It will support multiple listing services like Geocaching Australia and OpenCaching based communities.

A true free geocaching app

Geocube is free as in beer, you can download the app and use it for free without any limitations.

Geocube is free as in speech, you can have the code and make your own modifications, use it and redistribute it.

Open Source

Geocube is Open Source and is distributed under the GPLv2 license. Which means you can download it and build your own enhancements, as long as you make them publicly available when you redistribute your version. You can find the code repository at GitHub.