How does this Dynamic Accuracy work?

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The power consumption of the GNNS chips is related tot the accuracy requested: The more accurate, the more power, and the reporting interval.

Power consumption of the GNNS chips

There are two factors: Accuracy and distance.


There are six levels of accuracy:

  • Accurate to 3000 meters.
  • Accurate to 1000 meters.
  • Accurate to 100 meters.
  • Accurate to 10 meters.
  • Highest possible accuracy.
  • Highest possible accuracy with additional sensor data.

According to the documentation by Apple, Accurate to 100 meters is the highest accuracy in the low power mode while Highest possible accuracy with additional sensor data. should not be used unless you are connected to the power.


The distance reported is the number of meters in difference compared with the last reported value. This can be 0 meters, which is to report every new reading, or a certain value, which is to report a difference in location of that amount of meters.

Disabling Dynamic Accuracy

Before version 1.5 the accuracy depended on which tab you were looking at: The compass tab and any map tab would be "Highest possible accuracy", while anything else would be "Accurate up to 100 meters" and the reporting distance interval would always be 0 meters. Since version 1.5 you are able to chose the levels of accuracy and the reporting distance interval.

The default values are:

  • For navigating pages (compass, map), the accuracy is Highest possible accuracy and a reporting distance of 0 meters.
  • For non-navigating pages (lists, locationless, settings etc), the accuracy is Accurate to 100 meters and a reporting distance of 10 meters.

Enabling Dynamic Accuracy

Enabling Dynamic Accuracy will kick in when you have selected a waypoint to navigate to. There are three distance ranges to the waypoint which are important:

  • Far, which is more than midrange.
  • Midrange, which is less than far but more than near.
  • Near, which is less than midrange.

When in the various distance ranges, there are different accuracies and reporting distances depending on if a waypoint is

Distance range Default distance in meters Default accuracy Default reporting distance
Far More than 250 meters Accurate to 100 meters 10 meters
Midrange Between 50 and 250 meters Accurate to 10 meters 5 meters
Near Less than 50 meters Highest possible accuracy 0 meters

If there is no waypoint selected as the target, the accuracy and reporting distance of the Far distance range are being used.